Keeping Your Finances Grounded

Serving mining industry clients has been a staple of our practice for almost 30 years. Our clients benefit from our team of experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges of the mining industry. As one of the largest practices serving the mining industry in East Tennessee, our clients range from entrepreneurs to publicly held companies.


We are registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and Canadian Public Accounting Board (CPAB) to provide services to registered companies in the United States and Canada. Our mining services include the following as well as executive financial planning and retirement services.

Accounting & Assurance Services

  • Financial statement audits and reviews
  • Benefit plan audits

Business Acquisitions & Mergers

  • Purchase price allocations
  • Tax planning and minimization

Tax Compliance Services

  • Tax return preparation
  • Transfer pricing and international structuring
  • Inbound and outbound transaction advisory
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Analysis and Opinion

Public Offerings

  • Domestic market experience
  • PCAOB (US) and CPAB (Canada) registration

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